6 October 2016 · Buyer Advice

Mini Van or SUV for your family? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

The Benefits of SUVs and Mini Vans

Both Mini Vans and SUVs are great because they have a lot of cargo space and have seating for five to eight passengers. They also usually offer high, upright seating positions, which are perfect for kids. The position of these seats also means more room and versatile passenger and cargo areas. These days, a lot of these vehicles also have something to keep kids entertained, like rear-seat video/DVD entertainment systems and even power outlets for their games. You can also rely on safety in both the mini van and the SUV as they both come with things like antilock brake systems and multiple airbags.

Mini Vans – for the Love of Kids

Kids love mini vans because they seem them like playhouses on wheels. They’re also much easier to step into and climb out of for a young child, complete with a low step up height and electronic sliding doors. Mini Vans like the Toyota Tarago also make it a bit easier for kids to be able to see out of the window due to lower window heights. If you find your family going on long trips a lot, your kids will love how much room they have to stretch out with their toys.

SUV’s - Simply a Cooler Mini Van

When people think mini van, they often are repelled by the image of them. Let’s face it; they’re not the best looking vehicles. And if you have teenagers who might not be caught dead jumping out of your mini van on the way to school, you might want to consider an SUV. You'll appear sporty, but still get some of the smart perks of a mini van.

For example, the Toyota Kluger offers great features for families on the go, such as masses of space, headroom and leg room. The high rise seats give you a great view of the road and make you feel like you’re keeping all of the passengers safe. In addition, it comes with plenty of technological features like a 6-speaker, touch screen audio system to keep everyone entertained.

However, yu don’t always want to waste the power of a SUV on just taking the kids to soccer, but you still want the benefits of the vehicle. That’s why SUVs that are lighter weight, nimbler and just more car-like are becoming popular. With a sleek SUV like the Toyota RAV4, you might find yourself enjoying the easy movement of a sleek sports-like car with the full family handling power of a mini van. 

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