30 May 2019 · Buyer Advice

What is a Hail Sale? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Why Buy a Hail Damaged Car for Sale?

Savvy buyers who are in the market for discounted model cars always keep an eye out for hail clearances. Vehicles sitting out in the open at Dealerships can be vulnerable to certain weather events, such as a bad hail storm. In these situations, Dealership must clear the affected stock at a discounted rate to make way for new cars. In many cases, the damage the discounted stock sustains is relatively minor. This means buyers who don’t mind a few bumps and scratches can get a damaged demonstrator at an affordable price. Hail sales present the perfect opportunity for bargain hunters looking to a grab a dream deal that would otherwise be out of their budget, with thousands of dollars knocked off the price.

Things to Consider When Buying Hail Damaged Cars for Sale

Hail sales are common after extreme weather events, but each one varies depending on the Dealership you visit. Some cars for sale in hail clearances only have minor cosmetic damage to the paint, panels or windows while some are much more damaged than others. The discount you receive generally correlates with the amount of damage.

Cars that were hit on every panel will be the most heavily discounted but, in most cases, none of the stock should be so badly damaged that they've been written off. Some dealerships will sell cars that are written off. Ideally, these are repairable write-offs such as a broken taillight. This means they will be roadworthy after getting repaired and undergoing a roadworthiness test and a Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) to ensure its safe to drive.

The other type of write-off is a statutory write-off, meaning the car cannot be repaired to a roadworthy standard again except under very limited circumstances. These damaged cars are usually sold off for parts and scrap metal. Hail sales will generally not include cars that are damaged to this extent. For repairable write-offs, the dealership may include repairs as part of a package deal.

Buying a Hail Sale Car

Buyers who are looking into hail damaged cars for sale should ensure they assess damage to the vehicle properly. Traders are obligated to and generally will disclose the full extent of the damage. Just ensure you understand the consequences of such damage.

Some bumps and dings on some panels will cause no problems at all on how well the car functions. But if you want to repair those small dents once you buy, research the costs of it so you aren’t surprised or disappointed.

Hail Damage Car Sale at Phil Gilbert Toyota in Sydney

At Phil Gilbert Toyota, on occasion we have had a hail damaged car sale. If you’re interested in getting a quality Toyota damaged demonstrator, visit one of our showrooms in Croydon or Lidcombe. We also have a wide range of used and new Toyota vehicles for sale as well as providing expert advice, financing, service and repair.

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