6 October 2016 · Buyer Advice

Why You Should Choose a Toyota for Your Used Car | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Money will undoubtedly be central to your decision, as will safety and reliability. For a lot of people, the name on the car is important too.

Lasting Value

In general, Toyota’s have amazing resale value. Even if you buy a used Toyota, chances are you’ll be able to trade it in or sell it years down the track and still get some decent return for your purchase. If you’re the type that likes to upgrade often, or if you just love a great deal, a used Toyota may be the choice for you.


Toyota was actually dubbed the world’s most reliable car, for eight years straight! While other brands manufacture cars with known faults and issues, Toyota has a reputation for quality. When you buy a used Toyota, you’re purchasing reliability. Chances are, the only time it’s going to see the inside of a mechanic’s workshop is when it is due for a service!

Fuel Economy

As well as being the world’s most reliable car, Toyota also has a hard-earned reputation for superb fuel efficiency. This means that you're being eco-friendly because you're consuming less fuel. You’ll also be saving a lot of money at the petrol pump. Think of what you could do with all that extra cash!

Safe and Secure

Even used car’s bought from Toyota dealers have exceptional safety ratings. If you’re concerned about the welfare of your passengers and yourself, a used Toyota is the car for you. Most Toyota’s, except for some much older models, boast a four or five star safety rating.

Dealership Benefits

If you buy a used Toyota from a Dealership, you’re also getting a whole range of advantages. Let’s check these out in more detail.

Dealership Warranty

Most dealerships offer a one to three year warranty. This way if anything goes wrong with your Toyota, you have access to their workshop. They’ll use Toyota genuine parts and are experts in repairing and maintaining these wonderful cars.

Rigorous Inspection

Any used car sold at a Toyota dealership is subject to a whole range of testing and quality control measures before it gets to the yard. This way, you’re guaranteed to be buying quality. 

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