9 December 2017 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Family Road Trip Checklist | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Family Road Trip Checklist

Instead of being an event everyone wants to forget, use this family road trip checklist from Phil Gilbert Toyota, so you leave the house adequately equipped and avoid unpleasant situations.


Family Road Trip Checklist - Toyota Kluger Camping

You should never set out on family trips without a cooler of some sort. They come in a whole range of sizes, and you can get coolers with hard or soft structures. The great thing about packing one of these, along with ice or cold packs, is that you can also bring along drinks and perishable snacks.

Just remember, your kids, and even you get thirsty and hungry, sometimes at the most random moments. When you are at home, or even around town, getting a drink, or some food is convenient and straightforward. Out on the open road, not so much, unless you have a cooler packed with things.

First Aid Kit

Toyota Accessories Family First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you might be. For that reason, packing a first aid kit is always a good idea. Put bandages, something to clean wounds, and other essentials inside. You might even want to pack painkillers, just in case.

A child might accidentally get a paper cut, or you could smack your head on the door surround. If you have a first aid kit in the car, you will be able to handle the situation, instead of it ruining what would otherwise be a great day.

Busy Items

You cannot overdo this one. Little ones can quickly become bored while driving for a long time, so having items to keep them entertained in the car is invaluable. You might pack some favourite books, a tablet, small toys, colouring books, and maybe some fun music. All these items will help pass the time, and help avoid the question every parent dreads to hear repeatedly, “are we there yet?” 

Extra Water

You should always have drinking water with you or other drinks. However, you should pack additional water, just in case. This extra water could be vital if you somehow become stranded. Use it to help cool off an overheating engine. Having additional water on hand could be a lifesaver.

Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle Fluids

It is never a bad idea to have some extra automotive fluids packed away, just in case. A container or engine oil, coolant, or other fluids can get you out of a tight situation if needed. While this is an obvious thing to bring if you have an older car that has problems, you never know if your newer vehicle might unexpectedly spring a leak in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully you do not have to use these, but having them at hand certainly won’t hurt.

Bring along some basic tools as well, just in case you need to perform a minor or temporary fix in the middle of nowhere. Again, just something you hope never to use.

Now that you are ready for your journey contact Phil Gilbert Toyota to help you prepare your vehicle for a family road trip.