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How to Choose the Right Tyres for your Car | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Think of your wheels and your alignment – worn or damaged tyres can affect their performance and this inefficiency can lead to extra wear and tear on your tyres. So, how do you know which tyres will be the best investment for your car? 

Always Refer to the Owner’s Manual

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will recommend the right tyre fittings for your car. You can find the right tyre defined by their size, speed rating and load rating, which are the most important things to look out for when buying new tyres. 

Stick with Trusted Brands

Stick with Trusted Brands

The owner’s manual usually won’t tell you which brand to purchase, but you won’t go wrong sticking with the brands you know and trust. You can always choose to buy the same tyres that the car was fitted with originally.

Car makers will have done enough of the research to choose tyres that will work best with your car in terms of braking, efficiency, road noise, handling, wear rate and ride comfort.

If you decide to go out on your own, you might be tempted by cheaper tyres from lesser known brands. However, if the brand is lesser known, there’s no guarantee that they have put the same integrity, experience and investment in technology into their tyre.

Usually, you can assume that the leading brands will give you the absolute best quality, which is an investment that you should want to make.

When it comes to tyres, look to the history of the brand to know how it’s made. If they have a small name and little history and are offering cheap tyres, chances are, they are second rate. If they are a brand that your mechanic or dealer trusts, there’s a good chance that you can rely on them too. 

Compromising on quality of your tyres means compromising on the quality of important safety functions, like accelerating, steering and braking safely in all road conditions. If you settle for second rate, you could be putting yourself, your loved ones or others at risk.

No matter which brand you choose, it’s important that all four of your tyres match in size and brand. If you are just replacing two, your best bet would be to put the two new tyres on the rear wheels over the front wheels. 

Have Your Wheels Checked

Do you think your tyres need replacing? Here are some things to look for:

  • Tread – Replace tyres when there is about 2mm of tread remaining. You can measure these with a tread depth metre or you can ask your mechanic to measure them. Most tyres also come with wear markers. If these rubber blocks are even with your tyres they definitely need replacing.
  • Wear – Check the entire tyre surface. If they are badly worn in places they will need replacing. This is also a good time to check your wheel alignment, suspension and other problems that may be causing uneven wear.
  • Age – Are your tyres older than five years? Regardless of their appearance, this may mean they are compromised.
  • Spare – Make sure to check the condition of your spare tyre. If it's not up to scratch in terms of wear, tread and age, it's not going to help in an emergency.

For a professional tyre service, check, or fitting, you can always see your local technician at Phil Gilbert Toyota in Sydney.

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