7 July 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Making Buying Car Parts Easier For You | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Things to Consider When Buying Car Parts

Do you know what type of car parts your mechanic uses in their workshop? Unless you’re a mechanic, or servicing your car yourself, you may not have really considered this question. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – many of us are unaware of the difference between car parts and the benefits of using some parts over others. The most important thing you need to know about buying car parts is that they must be genuine – that is, parts that have been made and approved by your vehicle’s maker.

What Do We Mean by Genuine Car Parts?

Genuine parts are put straight into your new vehicle by the manufacturer, making them your car’s original parts. A genuine part will have the car manufacturer's logo on it – for example, the Toyota logo will be clearly visible when your car part is a genuine Toyota part.

Why is it Important to Choose Genuine Car Parts?

Why is it Important to Choose Genuine Car Parts?

With genuine car parts, you know that the parts you’re purchasing:

  • Have been made specifically for your vehicle’s make and model
  • Will have undergone rigorous testing by the manufacturer, to ensure all safety and performance standards have been met
  • Come with a warranty, with their manufacturer’s guarantee, giving you a greater assurance of quality and peace of mind

For example, every single Toyota genuine part is designed and manufactured to comply with Toyota's strict engineering and testing standards. These parts are guaranteed to work perfectly with your car for a genuinely better fit, styling and performance.

This provides drivers with reassurance that they’ll be protected on the road, with each part functioning exactly as it should, and offering a better driving experience. 

Where Can I Find Genuine Parts for My Car?

Where Can I Find Genuine Parts for My Car?

When you buy genuine parts for your car, you’ll be sourcing them through the vehicle maker’s authorised supply chain. This means you’ll be in no risk of voiding your car’s warranty.

Always make sure only genuine car parts are used during your car’s service, maintenance or repair. Ask your mechanic whether genuine parts will be used when you take your car in to the workshop – if not, go elsewhere as it’s not worth the risk to your car, your warranty or you and your family’s safety.

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