5 March 2021 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip | Phil Gilbert Toyota

If you’ve been stuck in one place for far too long, you’re probably thinking of gathering your nearest and dearest, and booking an Easter road trip. But is your car ready? Make sure you include car preparation when planning your itinerary, or it will all be a waste of time if you can’t depend on your vehicle!

We know you can’t wait to get out on the road to explore, but make sure your car is road trip ready first. Work through these essential checks and book a service at Phil Gilbert Toyota in Sydney to be sure your vehicle will run smoothly and safely while you check out the beauty that Australia has to offer.

Check the 6 essential fluids

Fluids are the lifeblood of your Toyota, and you should do a proper check of their levels before embarking on any long-distance journey. 

Be sure to check the levels of the:

  1. Oil
  2. Radiator fluid
  3. Brake fluid
  4. Power steering fluid
  5. Transmission fluid
  6. Windshield fluid

Tyre condition

Your car’s tyres contribute to its safety, fuel efficiency and comfort. They’re your connection with the road and it’s essential that they’re up to speed, so check the following:

  1. Tyre pressure
  2. Tyre tread 
  3. Spare tyre

Underinflated tyres waste fuel, while overinflated tyres reduce the quality of your drive. Check your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure in the owner’s manual, and use a pressure gauge to make sure actual pressure matches up. 

The minimum legal tyre depth in Australia is 1.5mm - anything less than this can reduce your grip on the road and can become a safety issue, especially in wet conditions. Make sure you have a spare tyre that meets the legal requirements, and that you know how to change it should you need to.

General maintenance

Cars have so many components at play. Here is just a selection of those you should ensure are in working order before setting off.

  • Brake pads. Brake pads naturally wear away with use, and can eventually become too thin to work effectively. Replacing them regularly makes your car that bit safer and more reliable for your trip.
  • Air filters. Your car’s air filter collects dust, debris and bugs, to keep the engine clear. When it becomes clogged, this impacts fuel efficiency and engine performance. It’s recommended that you have your air filter changed once a year.
  • Lights. Your lights are essential for safe driving! Be sure to check (and replace the bulb if necessary) your headlights (including full beam), indicators, brake lights, hazard lights, reverse lights and fog lights.

Some general tips

Tidy up your car and avoid over-packing on the road trip, or you could obstruct your view. Don’t forget to fill up on fuel before you head off, and be sure to take plenty of stops to avoid tiring yourself out! Take it slow and enjoy the experience with friends and family - you’ve earned it!

Book your car service online

Booking a Toyota Genuine Service at Phil Gilbert Toyota is the most effective way to ensure your vehicle is running at its peak. We’re based in Croydon and Lidcombe, and our trained Toyota technicians make the entire process quick and smooth, to get your car running smoothly and safely.