9 November 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Spruce up car’s interior | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Cover up the Seats

Buying the right seat cover for your car can really create a nice, clean finish. If you get the covers fitted to the dimensions of the seat, it will look even better. As well as a great look, you’ll be protecting your car and maximising the resale value by keeping it in tip-top shape.

Keep the Floor Safe

The damage done to the fabrics in your car from salt water and sand are not easily undone and it is not just trips to Bondi Beach that can harm your car. Dirt, mud, food and drink are just some of the things that can get embedded in your car floor.  Protect the floor by putting down either rubber or carpet floor mats. If you choose a Toyota floor mat from Phil Gilbert Toyota for your car, you’ll have the added benefit of a seamless and perfect fit.

Manage Your Cargo

Cargo mats are great ways to keep your car neat and tidy, especially if you have lots of bulky items in the back like bags or luggage. You can get Cargo Barrier and Rear Storage Systems to reduce the movement of your materials in case of a sudden stop or accident. 

Get a Back-Up View

With a reversing camera and rear senors, you can enjoy staying put while you back out of a space. No longer will you have to twist and turn to get the perfect angle you’re your rear view window. This extra tech won’t only look great; it will make reversing a breeze and potentially prevent things like injuries and even seatbelt fraying. 

Upgrade Your Audio and Navigation

Give your car that state-of-the-art feel with an advanced and high-tech audio and navigation system, like the Toyota Genuine Satellite Navigation Audio System. Not only do you get the best routes, but you also get a full colour touch screen display that is voice activated, connects to your iPhone or iPod and can even make phone calls!

Get Scuff Plates

Scuff plates go where shoes might potentially scuff the interior of the car. They give you that beautiful polished look for as long as possible and are an incredibly easy way to spruce up the interior of your ride.

For more tips on how to easily spruce up your car’s interior with some well-placed accessories, get in touch with Phil Gilbert Toyota in Sydney today.