5 April 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

The Most Fuel Efficient Toyota Models | Phil Gilbert Toyota

The Most Fuel Efficient Toyota Models

With the rising price of fuel, many people are turning to more fuel-efficient vehicles to keep costs down and manage their budget better. Without a doubt, Japanese cars are the most economical cars to run, and Toyota is a leader in the development of fuel efficient and sustainable cars for our future. With the introduction of the Prius more than 20 years ago, Toyota continues to expand its range of fuel efficient and Hybrid vehicles, including the new RAV4, Toyota’s first Hybrid SUV in Australia. To make it easier for you to choose, here’s our list of Toyota’s most fuel efficient models. You can also visit Phil Gilbert Toyota, Sydney’s premium Toyota dealership, for more information and some professional advice to help you make your decision.

Toyota Hybrids

The advanced technology of all the Hybrid models means they’ll always out-perform similar sized petrol-only models. Toyota Hybrids are designed to be more fuel efficient and emit much lower levels of greenhouse gases.

With introduction of next-generation passenger cars and SUVs in the next couple of years, the number of Hybrid models available will rise to eight in total, with more constantly being developed. Toyota is continuing to refine the technology to offer better performance as well as fuel economy with the latest Hybrid Camry providing more power than the 4-cylinder petrol model while using half the fuel.


The well-known and popular Prius is now available in three models – the refined latest-generation Prius, the sporty Prius V, and the compact Prius C, perfect for urban driving. The Prius is a full RAV able to run on its electric motor for short distances such as city driving, but you also have the ability to switch over to petrol power for longer distances and higher speeds.


The compact Yaris is a great little run-about with a hatchback for easy access and everything you need for style and comfort in an urban vehicle. It offers the performance you want and the fuel economy you need, and its 4-cylinder engine means you won’t be a regular at your local service station.


The economical and always popular Corolla is available as a 2.0 litre petrol engine or the 1.8 litre Hybrid. Both will give you the space, style and comfort you expect with great fuel economy, but the Hybrid Corolla is a little more economical. The Corolla has been an affordable favourite with Australians since it was first introduced and it just keeps getting better with the new Hybrid version.

Toyota Dealers – Sydney

If you’re after a fuel efficient new or used Toyota, visit us for a test drive of the different models and speak to the friendly team at Phil Gilbert Toyota for expert advice, the biggest range, and the best price possible. Whether you’re looking to browse new or used Toyota cars for sale, Sydney residents can rest assured they’re getting the best Toyota specials available.

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