11 June 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Top Toyota Vehicle Tips for Long Road Trips | Phil Gilbert Toyota

With summer on the way (and our freedom gradually returning) this could be the perfect time to plan a road trip with family or friends. The adventures you can have in and around Sydney are almost endless - but it’s important to be sure your Toyota is road trip-ready by carrying out a few simple checks before getting out on the road.

You can buy Toyota parts and accessories for your road tripping needs, and work your way through this essential checklist to get prepared for a smoother, safer drive.

  1. Oil levels
    Make sure your oil level is topped up before you go anywhere. Park your car on a flat spot, pull out the dipstick and wipe it, then reinsert it, pull it back out and make sure the oil is where it should be. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, or it looks dirty, consider changing it before your trip.
  2. Tyre pressure & tread
    Driving with under or overinflated tyres could lead to unwanted knock-on effects such as issues with your braking, tracking and fuel efficiency. Make sure your tyres exceed the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm to ensure that your tyres can last your journey and use a pressure gauge to ensure your tyres match the recommended pressure. Tyre pressures will be different when the are cold (before a drive) and hot (after driving).
  3. Lights
    Make sure all headlights and tail lights are in good working condition, and consider packing a spare bulb in your Toyota just in case a light burns out on the journey.
  4. Horn
    Your little ones can help you with this inspection; is the horn working?
  5. Handbrake
    To check your handbrake, apply the foot brake, release and then reapply the handbrake. Remove your foot from the foot brake, and if the vehicle remains stationary, everything should be okay.
  6. Seatbelts
    Make sure all seatbelts are present and working properly. Remember that drivers in NSW caught not wearing seatbelts could be issued with a penalty of up to $2200.
  7. Windows
    Examine your windshield to check it is clean and free of scratches - which can worsen and become chips if ignored. A dirty windshield, rear window or side windows can impede your visibility and produce glare. Use a window cleaning spray to get them clean and clear.
  8. Fluids
    Running out of fluids on the road can be inconvenient at best, but could have disastrous consequences. Check your brake fluid, transmission fluid and windshield fluid, and consider bringing a spare bottle with you.
  9. Emergency kit
    Consider taking a first aid kit for your family, as well as an emergency kit for your Toyota. This should include a flash light, a blanket, a tyre gauge, jumper cables and basic tools. If you’re driving under the hot Sydney sun, always be prepared with ample fresh drinking water.

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