5 March 2021 · Motoring Tips & Advice

What Does a Car Snorkel Do? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

If you’re thinking about going off-road, you’ll want to make sure your 4WD is kitted out with the accessories to prepare it for anything. You’ve probably already thought about packing a nudge bar and putting roof racks on your car, but have you considered buying a snorkel for your Toyota?

Snorkels make a fantastic accessory for off-road explorers, but what do they do, and what are the benefits? Read this guide to discover if it’s worth the investment for your next trip.

What is a snorkel?

When you’re off-road, you might come across a water crossing. In general, it’s best to avoid water crossings if you don’t absolutely have to go through them, because just a little water in the engine could leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be.

A vehicle snorkel helps your car to “breathe” when wading through bodies of water. It works in much the same way as snorkels for humans, by taking in clean air from above the water, and preventing water from making its way into the engine, to maintain optimal air flow and temperature.

So, if you anticipate some deeper water crossings - i.e. anything that comes above the bumper or headlights - we recommend fitting a snorkel to your vehicle*.

What are the benefits of a snorkel?

Fitting a snorkel equips you with the best odds in serious off-road conditions. Here are some advantages to a snorkel on a 4WD.

1.     Increases engine performance

A snorkel is able to draw in cleaner, uncontaminated air because of its elevated position. Without this, your car takes in air that’s closer to the engine and therefore full of dust and grime. This cleaner air enhances engine performance and efficiency.

2. Prevents water & contaminants from clogging the engine

It’s easy for dust, water and other contaminants to clog the engine when you’re exploring off-road. Your engine needs fuel and oxygen to keep it running efficiently, and if water finds its way in, it’s going to block the air and your engine could seize up. Water can play havoc on other components in your car too, like the gearbox and other differentials.

3. Increases fuel efficiency

Snorkels are installed at roof height and, like we’ve already mentioned, that means they take in cleaner, cooler air. This helps to keep your air filters clean, which can have a major positive impact on fuel efficiency.

4. Reduces maintenance

Taking the right precautions for your 4WD usually means less ongoing maintenance and reactive work. When you install a snorkel and feed cleaner air to your vehicle, you’ll be driving with cleaner air filters and can experience less wear and tear.

Buy a snorkel from Phil Gilbert Toyota

Make sure your Toyota 4WD is ready for even Australia’s most challenging terrains. Buy a snorkel to reduce the risk of getting water in the engine and having to camp out in the bush - and then having to pay for expensive repairs. Our products are all genuine Toyota accessories, and you can order online or visit our Phil Gilbert Toyota showrooms in Croydon and Lidcombe.

*A snorkel is not entirely water-proof, a vehicle should not be exceeding the manufacturers recommended wading depth.