23 December 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

What is Phil Gilbert's Car Care Clinic? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

What is Phil Gilbert's Car Care Clinic?

Would you like to know more about how your Toyota works and also about servicing? Phil Gilbert Toyota offers a Free Car Care Clinic where you can learn about these topics and more. To be part of this excellent incentive, just read our guide below.

What is the Free Car Care Clinic?

Run by Phil Gilbert Toyota it’s essentially a workshop designed to assist guests with:

·         Understanding & using all vehicle features and technology

·         Vehicle system demonstrations to reinforce learning

·         Preventive maintenance

·         De-mystifying service

·         Driver safety

A Look Behind the Scenes

Held at the Lidcombe workshop, your able to experience a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Phil Gilbert Toyota. This provides you with a chance to see the quality setup of the service department and also familiarise yourself with what will happen to your vehicle when you come in for your next service. Book a workshop here.

Guest Experience

Guests are generally divided into several groups in the course of the evening and various topics are covered like Wheels & Tyres, Under the Bonnet, Brakes & Steering and more.

We encourage you to ask questions, that way you gain the most benefit. All questions are answered by a highly experienced Phil Gilbert Toyota team member. Be sure to walk away with excellent automotive knowledge and expert tips.

You even get a complementary goodie bag at the end of the evening.

Guest Feedback

Have a read below of some of our positive guest feedback and be inspired to book into a Car Care Clinic:

"I thank you, your colleagues and management for putting on such an excellent evening on Wed, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also good to meet the staff behind the scenes especially the service staff and put faces to the names I see on my invoices at the time of payment.  They do an excellent job keeping our cars in tip top condition. “ (Charlotte)

“I enjoyed the experience and learnt quite a lot, including you don’t plug an electric car into a powerpoint to charge it! The goodie bag was a lovely surprise as well as getting into a lovely clean car at the end of the night.” (Lynne)

Maintenance Tips

Aside from attending the Phil Gilbert Toyota Free Car Care Clinic, it’s highly recommended that you carry out regular maintenance on your car to keep it in top shape. The following tips will increase your car’s overall performance:

·         Check tyre pressure

·         Check the 3B’s – Brakes, Belts & Battery (replace if necessary)

·         Clean your windshields and replace wipers

·         Change your engines’ oil

·         Replace your cabin air filter

·         Clean both the exterior & interior of your car

·         Schedule a regular maintenance check (6-12 months)

Book into our FREE Car Care Clinic today and walk away with a better understanding of your car.  Or contact our team at Phil Gilbert Toyota for more information.