13 September 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

When Should I Replace My Floor Mats? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Car floor mats are something that is regularly overlooked, but many of our guests are surprised at the difference they make to their Toyota’s interior. Not only can they make your car look like new, they also protect it from general wear and tear, keep it clean, and prevent your feet from slipping.

Car mats look great, but they can deteriorate over time. When you’re looking for a simple refresh to your vehicle’s interior, look out for the following signs that it’s time to throw out the old car mats - and bring in the new.

They have permanent stains

Most stains will come out with a valet or deep vacuuming treatment, or even a pressure wash. Over time, built-in dirt and stains become more stubborn and are impossible to remove. When this happens, it’s time to spend less time scrubbing, and bring in fresh new mats instead.

They’re worn through

Constantly stepping on your mats or placing shopping or luggage on them causes wear over time. Eventually, this leads to holes. This issue goes beyond just an aesthetic one; it’s easy for your shoe to get stuck in a hole while driving, and more grime can reach the carpet through the holes.

They’re the wrong size

You should purchase your car mats from a reputable Toyota seller to avoid this, but if your car mats are the wrong size, you’ll come across issues. They won’t blend seamlessly with the rest of the interior, and can jut out - not giving your car the protection it needs.

They’re slipping around on the floor

Floor mats should sit firmly under your feet, and attach to the clips in the floor when availble. If you can feel them slipping around, you can get distracted and lose concentration on the road. Dislodgement could also cause the brake or accelerator pedal to jam and cause an accident. Always ensure your floor mats are secured.

You’re buying a new car

When you’re looking for a new Toyota for sale in Sydney, and are selling your old vehicle, consider giving it an upgrade with new floor mats. They’ll improve the overall condition of the vehicle’s interior.

They’ve started bunching

Constant pressure on the mats can cause them to bunch or lift, which can become dangerous for the driver. Bunched up mats can get stuck under the brake or accelerator, and impact the car’s overall safety. They can also become a distraction; have you ever tried to straighten out a mat with your foot while you drive?

They’re letting off a bad smell

Regular washing should keep the bad smells away, but odours can easily become trapped in the fibres over time. If there’s a foul smell in your car, consider washing the floor mats and other fabrics around the car. If it doesn’t go away, you might need to replace the mats.

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