20 September 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

When to Change Your Cabin Air Filter in Your Toyota | Phil Gilbert Toyota

When to Change Your Cabin Air Filter in Your Toyota

When Spring arrives, the cabin air filter in your Toyota plays an even more important role. Spring offsets pollen and hence brings on hay fever. Your cabin air filter works hard at significantly reducing pollen and other potentially harmful microscopic particles getting into your car’s interior. Find out below more about your cabin air filter and when to change it.

A Look at Cabin Air Filters

The cabin air filter keeps the air inside your car’s interior clean. It does this through filtering the air that is fed into your car’s heating and air conditioning systems. The filter traps dust, pollen, and other particles, stopping them from entering your car and polluting its interior. In essence it acts as a security guard.

Does A Cabin Filter Affect My Air Con?

A malfunctioning or clogged cabin filter greatly reduces the efficiency of both your heating and air conditioning system. In addition, it can also cause major window fogging problems and contribute to lower gas mileage.

When Do I Replace My Cabin Air Filter?

Toyota recommends that you replace your cabin air filter at least once a year. If of course, you suspect problems with it earlier, then don’t wait and replace it immediately. Remember the quality of the air inside your car affects your health each time you step inside it.

How Do I Replace My Cabin Air Filter?

It’s simple- just follow our steps below and you will have a brand new cabin air filter in no time.

Open your Glove Compartment

Open it all the way and remove the screw on the lower right side. Pull the loop from the arm over and off the cylinder where the screw was.

Please note that on a Highlander, you may be able to remove the loop without removing the screw that is below and behind the glove compartment.

Leave your glove compartment closed while removing the loop, and then open it.

Squeeze the Sides of your Glove Compartment

These must be squeezed together and pulled to move the tabs past the edges, to the front of the dash. Then lift the entire glove compartment off its hinges. Please note when it is too hard to push, try pushing against the back of the glove box, while pulling on the front instead of pushing both sides.

Remove the Plastic Cover

Remove the plastic cover through squeezing the tabs together. Tabs are generally always found on both sides.

Slide out the Old Filter

Just pull it towards you and keep it facing up so that you don’t spill the debris.

Insert your New Filter

Insert your new filter by following the direction that the arrow on it points to. Generally speaking it points up, facing you. Once inserted, snap the cover back into place.

Put your Glove Compartment Back into Place

Place your glove compartment back on its hinges and push it in so the tabs snap back behind the dash. You may have to squeeze the sides again, as you did when you originally took it out.

Don’t Forget the Loop and Screw

Replace the loop and the screw that you took out in step one on the lower right.

Replacing your cabin air filter in your Toyota has never been easier with our above steps. Refer to this guide when replacing your cabin air filter and you shouldn’t have any trouble. To find out more about cabin air filters along with servicing for your Toyota just contact our expert team at Phil Gilbert Toyota.