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Will a Toyota Access Car Loan Work for You? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Will a Toyota Access Car Loan Work for You?

In Toyota showrooms across Australia, people are signing up for Toyota Access Car Loans. It's a new way of buying a Toyota, which provides you with the reassurance of stable costs, and also affords you the flexibility you need. But how does the loan scheme work, and is it the right choice for you?

How Does the Toyota Access Car Loan Work?

Usually, when you buy a car at a Toyota dealership, you put down a deposit and continue to pay monthly instalments against a loan until you own the vehicle outright. The Access Car Loan is a little bit different.

The first stage of the Access Car Loan is basically the same; you choose your deposit and loan term. However, you also choose how many kilometres you expect the car to have travelled by the end of your loan term. Based on all of that information, Toyota Finance will guarantee the minimum future value of your car.

What Happens When the Term of The Loan Is Up?

When the term of the loan is over, you can choose whether you want to trade, keep or return your car. That means that you can either get a new car that better suits your needs, return your car if you don't need it anymore, or, if it's still working for you, keep driving it.

Why Would I Need an Access Car Loan?

Your family and their needs can change when you least expect it. That's one of the reasons Toyota came up with the Access Car Loan; the car you need today might not be the one you need tomorrow.

H2: Will a Toyota Access Car Loan Work for Any New Toyota Model?

Toyota Access is applicable for all of Toyota's light commercial and passenger vehicles.

What if I Damage the Car?

At the end of the car loan, the car is evaluated against Fair Wear and Tear guidelines. If the car doesn't meet the standard, Toyota Finance will give you the opportunity to have the vehicle repaired or, otherwise, can organise the repairs and deduct the cost from the Guaranteed Future Value – the price that Toyota Finance will offer you if you choose to return the car at the end of the term.

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