22 May 2020 · Vehicle Reviews

Going Hybrid with The Next-Generation Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series

Going Hybrid with the Next-Generation Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series

The hybrid Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series is expected to debut in August 2020 - and there’s one key difference. The addition of hybrid power in conjunction with a range of advanced new V6 engines are set to enhance the ride, which will not lose any of the ruggedness the LandCruiser is famous for.

What can we expect from the hybrid LandCruiser?

The LandCruiser200 is as iconic as ever, providing the off-road capabilities the Australian market expects. The most prominent difference this time around is the addition of a turbocharged V6 petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

The engine on the soon-to-arrive 300 Series will be designed to meet Australia’s torque requirements, and according to international media, will be different to the four cylinder, 2.8-litre diesel powerplant that other countries will experience. Toyota is on a mission to continue to bring capable vehicles to Australia, while finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint and provide an economic solution to its owners.

The capability Australia’s market needs

Toyota Australia has said this new big 4WD will be “fit for purpose”, despite rumours that a hybrid engine could take away from the vehicle’s toughness. What Australia needs from a car is some serious off-road and towing ability, and this flagship vehicle will maintain its leadership status in that regard, despite the adjustments.

The 8-seat LandCruiser is built to be reliable and capable of towing 3500kg. It’s also designed to keep the driver and passengers safe, with improved safety features such as autonomous steering via lane-keep assist, making it a strong choice amongst everyone from families to thrill-seekers.

Updates to this off-road icon

Toyota Motor Group is anticipating that this model will match - if not surpass - the power and torque outputs on offer from older models. Three new engine options (diesel power plant, petrol and petrol-hybrid) will be paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox in the 300 Series.

Whichever engine buyers choose, Toyota is promising more power and a focus on torque this year. The exterior won’t stray too far from the one we’re used to in a LandCruiser line-up, but will be updated with a bolder front to stick with Toyota’s more modern image across its collection.

Apart from this, Toyota hasn’t reported much on what we can expect. All we know is that the Australian market continues to be key for the LandCruiser and that it will be designed with us in mind. You can register your interest at our Toyota car Dealerships in Sydney to be the first to hear when the 300 Series lands in our showrooms.

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