4 February 2021 · Vehicle Reviews

Should I Fix My Car Before Upgrading? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Thinking about upgrading your car is a huge financial decision, but if you’re driving an unsafe or unreliable vehicle, it could end up costing heaps to maintain or repair it - and could be a danger to you and your passengers.

In these cases, it’s smart to buy a new Toyota. Of course, that means you could use your current vehicle to get a better change-over price when trading in at a dealership, or you could sell it privately and put the money you make from that sale towards your new vehicle. But before you upgrade, is it worth making any repairs to your car to maximise the sale? 

Here are some things to consider fixing before going on your new car journey.

Change the tyres if they’re showing signs of wear

Ideally, tyres should meet the legal minimum tread depth of 1.5mm, and shouldn’t look like they’re super old or have been subjected to reckless driving. If this is the case, consider replacing the tyres. Buyers are likely to lose interest if they think a vehicle isn’t going to be safe to drive.

Replace a chipped windscreen

It could be difficult to sell a car with a cracked or chipped windscreen. Repair or replace it before upgrading your vehicle; your insurance policy might make this fix a cheap or free one, and you could get better returns for it.

Replace the timing belt if necessary

Replacing the timing belt could have a huge impact on sale price. If you’re making a private sale, this could mean the difference between getting a good price and having to practically give the car away.

Wash and detail the car

Car dealers and buyers want to see a well-maintained vehicle, so be sure to wash and detail both the interior and exterior to make a great first impression. You can do this yourself or pay a professional; just make sure to use actual car wash cleaner and a microfibre cloth if you’re going down the DIY route.

Replace bulbs that have gone out

Bulbs are relatively inexpensive, so we recommend replacing any bulbs that have gone out. If headlights are foggy, clean the lenses to freshen them up. You can do this by rubbing toothpaste on the lens cover with a rag, and rinsing it with water.

Make sure the windshield is in good condition

The windshield will be cleaned during the wash and detail process, but if the windshield wipers are old, it will be for nothing. If they’re in bad condition (are cracked, dried up, or leaving streaks and making noises), you can buy a pair of wipers at a low cost. Be sure to fill up the washer fluid, too.

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