30 November 2016 · Vehicle Reviews

The 2016 Toyota 86 | Phil Gilbert Toyota

A Hot New Body

Customers who love the sleek looks and designs of sports cars will absolutely love the new body panel design on the 86. We’re talking a new front-end design with a changed and improved bonnet, headlights and bumper. To give it that nice engine-revving look, the lower grille will be increased. Also, make sure to check out improvements on the back. The 86 is having the rear bumper remodelled with a nicer looking, yet more aggressive rear diffuser. That sporty look is only enhanced by moving the exhaust outlets towards the rear corners. Of course, all these new features don’t just give you a great look, they’re chosen with performance and efficiency in mind.

Better Engine and Ride Quality

The 86 is making a move from 147kW to up to 155kW. This is because engineers are focused on increasing power and torque by up to 5 percent and improving fuel efficiency by up to 7 percent. They have done this by paying attention to reducing friction and through a more efficient intake manifold design. Whether you want an automatic or manual transmission, you’re looking at six-speed with available paddle shift.

It’s got Sachs dampers standard to enhance ride quality and it will also maintain its well-known handling balance. Keep an eye out for a reinforced rear suspension subframe to eliminate any stiffness in the rear end.

All of these benefits add up in ways that can’t just be represented in numbers. They mean fewer trips to the petrol station for your everyday car, a smoother ride for short trips and long holidays, and greater control whenever you’re behind the wheel.

More Control As the Driver

Speaking of greater control, the Toyota 86 likes to boast it’s "driver-focused cockpit" and it's no wonder why. The cockpit seems to allow for total control in this powerful vehicle. A three-dial instrument cluster mixes with aviation-style rocker switches and lightweight aluminium pedals to provide greater clarity, excellent craftsmanship and supreme functionality. Take a seat in the driver’s position to look and feel like a professional.

A Range of Sporty Colours

You can always make a statement with this car, but to truly make it yours, simply choose the right colour. For the Toyota 86 in Sydney, we can offer you:

  • White liquid
  • Tornado grey
  • Mount Fuji Red
  • Storm Black
  • Ice Silver
  • Sonic Blue
  • Velocity Orange


The 2016 Toyota 86 comes in GT and GTS models. The main difference between the two grades is that the GTS offers things like 4-Wheel Ventilated disc brakes, smart entry/start, a reverse camera, a T.E.C.H. audio system, LED daytime running lamps and HID headlamps. The GT is known for limited slip differential and a 53:47 weight distribution.

For more information about the Toyota 86, please feel free to contact Phil Gilbert Toyota in Sydney today.