9 November 2016 · Vehicle Reviews

The Fourth Generation Prius Hybrid

What’s New About the Fourth Generation Prius?

Toyota has made significant improvements on the earlier generation Prius models, including greater overall efficiency, a more aerodynamic body with better driving dynamics and a spacious, smarter, more comfortable interior. 

Improved Overall Efficiency

Overall fuel efficiency has improved by 10% through the use of lighter and smaller hybrid system components, newly developed lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries and Toyota’s new, more rigid, chassis design. 

More Aerodynamic Design

The fourth generation’s longer wheelbase and lower chassis makes for a more aerodynamic design with the lowest drag coefficient of any mass production vehicle on the market.

As the first vehicle to use the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) modular platform, the fourth generation Prius has a lower centre of gravity and increased structural rigidity.

As far as looks go, the fourth generation hybrid retains the signature Prius triangular silhouette with sleek, integrated bi-LED headlights adding to the striking, futuristic look of the Prius. 

Smart and Sleek Interior

Reviews of the interior upgrade from the previous generation have been unanimously favourable.

The fourth generation’s interior is uncluttered and airy with the replacement of the dividing centre piece with a tiered dash. Improvements have also been made to the storage, including larger door pockets and cup-holders in the front as well as a larger boot.

The instrument panel is smart and sleek with full colour display of multi-dimensional data and images which can be customised by the driver using a switch on the steering wheel. A colour display projects essential vehicle data on to the lower section of the windscreen making it easier and safer for the driver to read the information while driving. Highlights on the steering wheel and front console complement the overall sleekness of the design. 

Occupant-friendly Interior

While the overall height of the car is lower, the headspace in the front of the vehicle has been increased.

The seats and cushion pads on both front and rear seats have been redesigned using thicker materials to provide additional cushioning and comfort on long trips.

The smart flow air conditioning system detects where people are sitting in the car and adjusts ventilation and heating performance accordingly, minimising air flow around any empty seats and improving fuel efficiency.

Is the Next Generation Prius for You?

At the forefront of ecologically responsible hybrid design for almost twenty years now, the Prius’ reputation as “a beautiful car for a beautiful earth” is well deserved.

With more advanced hybrid technology, better driving dynamics, more streamlined, aerodynamic design and a smarter interior, the fourth generation Prius is the vehicle of choice for those with an environmental conscience and appreciation for cutting-edge technology.

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