26 June 2020 · Vehicle Reviews

The New 2020 HiLux

The New 2020 HiLux

The long-anticipated New 2020 HiLux range is landing soon at Phil Gilbert Toyota. The models have received facelifts and seen much interest already due to the media hype. Set to arrive in August, the New 2020 HiLux models promise to take on any challenge with power, intelligence and of course, comfort. With competition getting tougher these days in regard to utility vehicles, the Toyota HiLux still manages to stand out in its own right. No longer reserved for just the worksites, expect to see this iconic ute also being used as family taxis. Here we will go over what you can expect to see with the New 2020 HiLux.

The models

The New 2020 Toyota HiLux comes in three models: WorkMate, SR and SR5. Known for its go-anywhere reputation, avid followers will be pleased to know that the HiLux has not changed in this regard.

The three models, details, and driveaway prices are listed below.


Robust and sensible, the New WorkMate will get the job done. This model is available in Single-Cab, Extra-Cab or Double-Cab.

Driveaway from $29,760.


The ultimate workhorse, the New SR will make even the most difficult task uncomplicated. This model is also available in Single-Cab, Extra-Cab or Double-Cab.

Driveaway from $49,757.


Want full power and grunt? The SR5 delivers that and more. Loaded with technology and a robust design, this model is available in Extra-Cab or Double-Cab.

Driveaway from $60,105.

Outstanding features on the New 2020 HiLux


Toughened up: The New 2020 HiLux features a trapezoidal grille, a thicker front end, and flared wheel arches. This ute has a presence that demands respect and won’t be ignored.
More power: For the SR and SR5 models, you’ll receive 20kW more power and 50Nm more torque. This means you’ll be able to tow more as well as take on and climb bigger hills.
The ultimate co-pilot: Enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features in the new models. Wherever you go, you’ll always be switched on and connected.


Is the New 2020 HiLux for the family?

The HiLux may have been built for work, but it is just as ideal for families too. With its four doors, five seats and advanced safety features, its added advantages are that it’s a very capable towing machine and fit for off-road too.

You’ll find seven airbags, pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane departure alert and lane keeping assistance.

Like the models before, the New 2020 HiLux also comes with dark tinted rear windows, and a big boot to pack all your equipment in for your next adventure.

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At Phil Gilbert Toyota, we are excited about receiving the New 2020 HiLux, and we invite you to view the model in our showroom when it arrives. In the meantime, we still have a large range of new and second-hand Toyotas for sale that may interest you – view our current new HiLux inventory here or if it’s used cars you’re interested in click here.