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1 December 2016 · Vehicle Reviews

The Prius Family – Which One is Right for Me? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

It’s actually one of the most fuel efficient cars to ever roll off the production line. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new car from a Toyota dealer, the Prius may be just the vehicle for you.

If you’re looking for a Prius you’re also spoilt for choice. There’s the classic Prius, the Prius c and the Prius v. But which is right for you? Let’s check this out in further detail.

Are you after affordability?

Are you looking for a Toyota Prius that isn’t going to break the bank? Then you might want to consider the Prius c. In fact, last year saw the Prius c become Australia’s most affordable automobile.

The Prius c retains the same body structure and hybrid components as the other models, yet has a smooth and sleek exterior that screams style. But the most attractive thing is definitely the price point. Why not test-drive this Toyota now?

Room to move

Perhaps you like trips away with your friends or family and a good road trip is nothing without plenty of storage room

The Prius v  has an enlarged boot, making it perfect for those family getaways. You’ll be spending a bit extra for that extra room, but we think it is well worth it. The Prius v also has a bit more power behind it when compared to its little brother in the Prius c. The Prius c has a 1.5 litre hybrid 4 cylinder engine while the Prius v boasts a 1.8 4 cylinder with 134 horsepower. 

Somewhere in between

If you'd like a balance between affordability, engine power and storage space, the standard Prius is the best option for you.  The Prius packs the same engine as the Prius v, and the same hatchback design as the other two models but it has a more dramatic slope on its front windscreen.

Are you looking to buy a new Toyota? Do the Prius' eco-friendly operation and fuel economy speak to you? Drop into Phil Gilbert Toyota in Lidcombe or Croydon for a test drive today. Just give our sales team a call, and we’ll have one ready for you to try. We can guarantee that you’ll walk (or drive) away impressed!