30 November 2016 · Vehicle Reviews

The Toyota Corolla – 50 Years On | Phil Gilbert Toyota

We’ve put together a nice little history of this amazing small car, which has been consistently voted best-selling car in its category.

The First Generation

The first Toyota Corolla was manufactured in 1966. It was available as a 4-door sedan or a 2-door coupe. What it lacked in aesthetics it more than made up for in function. It was an affordable and reliable car. Within three years of hitting the market, it became a number one seller.

The Next Step

The first generation Corolla wasn’t received extremely well with Western consumers. The post-war decades saw a boom in accessible consumer items and drivers wanted bigger, better cars. Toyota listened to their customers and gave the Corolla an upgrade. They increased the horsepower and engine size and even included an automatic transmission!

A Sporty Look or Family Friendly

Third generation Corollas were given a serious upgrade! They made a basic 2-door sedan, a 4-door sedan and a 2-door hardtop. They also released the sporty-looking SR5 and a 5-door station wagon. These options appealed to both young singles and established families.

They also created a 3-door hatchback, known as a Liftback to their line of Corollas.

Through the 80s and 90s

The Corolla had some changes to design & manufacturing throughout these decades. A new suspension system got introduced, as well as an extra added chassis. 4 & 5 gear manual transmissions were also added, along with 3 speed automatics. The 80s also saw the change from a rear wheel to front wheel drive. This decade also saw the introduction of the GT- S, a Corolla with serious horsepower. 

Into the New Millennium

The new millennium has seen multiple advances for this awesome automobile. The eighth generation Corollas saw a brand new engine. They also received a more economic and efficient drivetrain and amazing fuel efficiency. The next generation saw a huge increase in comfort, room and driving power and CD players became a standard feature.

The latest generation in Toyota Corollas has kept all of the classic features: affordability, comfort and style. New increases in technology allowed for more stability control. The car also received a horsepower injection, and its current horsepower now sits at 132.

If your teen is after a new car, a Toyota Corolla is a great option. This vehicle combines everything a young driver needs – it’s reliable, safe, fuel-efficient and most importantly, affordable. Pop into  Phil Gilbert Toyota in Lidcombe or Croydon today for a test drive, or get in touch with our friendly sales team.