8 May 2020 · Vehicle Reviews

What's New with The Toyota Camry for 2020? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

What's New with The Toyota Camry for 2020?

The 2020 Camry is already surpassing expectations. Carrying the earlier design changes into the new decade but adding a new suite of tech updates for the modern driver, Toyota has clearly defined the model’s strengths and built on them in 2020. For style and performance on Australia’s roads, this mid-sizer has it all.

More stylish than ever

The Camry has had an image overhaul that’s held onto its best features and updated its milder aspects. Smashing some old stereotypes, the new Camry’s exterior is a vast improvement on older models - although there aren’t many updates compared to the 2018 version.

A sleek, angular front replaces the previous dated grille and gives the vehicle more sex appeal. Though it’s classed as a mid-sized sedan, this Toyota Camry reaches 1.8m wide and almost 5m long, making it bigger than other vehicles in its class - for extra presence on the road. Sensible yet stylish with a touch of luxury on the inside; that’s why we’ve seen a surge in popularity for these Toyota new cars for sale.

For the tech enthusiast

You want a car that can keep up with you, and that’s exactly what the 2020 Camry was built for. Camrys purchased after 21st October 2019 are fitted with smartphone mirroring technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. 

Ticking a lot of boxes for tech fanatics, the model comes complete with an 8-inch touchscreen, front seat cooling, smartkey open and start, and a heads-up display to keep the driver’s eyes on the roads at all times.

Performance + capability

The Toyota Camry is no longer just “the sensible option” for those shopping for new cars in Sydney. It’s now capable of so much more than being reliable. With a Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, you can stay in control even in Australia’s most unpredictable weather conditions. This system is able to send up to 50% of the torque to the rear wheels when it detects slippage, for additional grip when you need it most.

The Camry hybrid brings a new element to its performance. Improved fuel efficiency, advanced technology and a stirring drive make for a smooth and thrilling journey - something we haven’t always associated with this model.

Take things up a notch or relax and enjoy the view. With 3-mode drive switches, drivers can effortlessly change between Eco, Sport and Normal mode, so you can fuel your spirit when you feel like accelerating or maximise efficiency on those longer journeys.

Enquire now

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