13 December 2020 · Vehicle Reviews

What Size Car Do You Need? | Phil Gilbert Toyota

When it comes to your car, size matters. That’s because the size of your car has to fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you have a large family or you enjoy exploring corners of New South Wales at the weekend, make sure you’re investing in a vehicle that’s going to tick all the right boxes. Ask yourself a few key questions to determine what size car you need.

Do you have a large family to drive around?

There are three things that most people look for in a family car: safety, comfort and space. If you have a few kids (or even just a big dog), you’re going to want to aim for a car that veers on the larger side - since long journeys just feel painful when the kids are complaining about being cramped in the back seat.

Smaller families often appreciate the practicality of the Camry Hybrid or Prius, but as your brood grows, you could find yourself needing more seats. The Kluger is a 7-seater SUV that’s built for families.

What are your hobbies?

Your hobbies impact how you’ll use your vehicle, and could determine the size of car that’s best for you. For example, if you have a hobby that doesn’t require you to transport large props around - or you’re a sports car enthusiast - you can opt for a smaller, sportier model, such as the GR Supra GTS, which rings in at only 1292mm in height and 1854mm in width.

Do you plan on taking any weekend adventures?

If, however, your hobbies include activities such as camping or road trips, you’re going to need a vehicle that’s big enough to accommodate everything. From tents to eskies, sleeping bags and suitcases, consider a car with a lot of space in the boot.

The Prado is a large 4WD with enough space for drivers, passengers and your luggage. It’s 5 metres long and 2 metres high, and is equipped to transport your essentials - and more.

Where will you park your car?

Consider whether your street has limited parking, or you have to use an underground carpark or garage with a low roof. You might struggle to fit a large car in (if you can get it in at all), and parallel parking into a tiny space every day after work gets old pretty fast.

In addition to their size, smaller cars have more agility, and they’re generally easier to park than larger vehicles.

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