Car Subscription FAQs

Now you can subscribe to your dream car with our new flexible subscriptions that include Rego, Servicing, Roadside Assist and Comprehensive Warranty. And best of all, no commitment! From pre-owned cards to brand new, just subscribe to drive.

  • Q What is car subscription?

    Car subscription gives you the freedom to choose a subscription plan to suit your lifestyle, taking away the locked in commitment of car ownership.

    We have a huge range of cars to choose from, anything from small hatchbacks, to large family SUV’s. We even have utes and vans available as well as EV’s and sports cars. If its in stock, it's probably available for subscription. VIew our stock and make an enquiry.

    All on-road costs such as registration, insurance, servicing, and maintenance are paid for by PGMG – all you have to cover is fuel and tolls. No long finance commitment, just a 3 month minimum subscription term.

  • Q Why buy it when you can subscribe it?

    Subscribing with PGMG gives you flexibility to drive a car that suits your lifestyle now, and where you can change vehicles regularly to suit any changes that may influence the type of car you need.

    Don’t always use your car?

    If driving is not your primary form of transportation or you don’t want to deal with the ongoing maintenance associated with full-time car ownership, then subscription is a good alternative to car ownership.

    Surprised by unexpected car maintenance or repair costs before?

    With car subscription, all ongoing maintenance and unexpected repairs are completely covered.

    Solid and predictable Budget?

    With the rising cost of car ownership, incorporating your car into the household budget can be difficult. With car subscription, you only have one affordable weekly payment to consider.

  • Q What is included in my car subscription plan?

    Subscription is all about flexibility so we’ve come up with three simple car subscription plans for you to choose from. No matter which plan you go for, you’ll always get choice, flexibility, financial freedom, speed of approvals and safety.

    PGMG Subscription plans include the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. You will need to cover any additional costs for fuel, tolls and kilometres travelled above the weekly limit of your plan.

  • Q Who owns the car?

    Gillen Motors Pty Ltd trading as Phil Gilbert Motor Group is a registered and licensed motor dealer in NSW.  We own all of the vehicles that are available for subscription. We take care of  the registration, insurance and maintenance of your car – including anything that may go wrong* – so you get to enjoy all of the benefits of car ownership with none of the headaches. *that’s not your fault

  • Q What checks will be performed when I apply for a PGMG subscription?

    When you apply for subscription, an identity check and credit report check will be performed. We may also request documents including utility bills, bank statements and pay slips as part of our commitment to responsible spending. The credit report check will appear on your credit history.

  • Q Can I subscribe even if I have bad credit?

    Maybe, we’d love to help you consider whether this product is for you. Get in touch with us to find out. Unlike car finance, with car subscription you are not locked into any long-term contracts so you are welcome to return the car any time after the minimum subscription term.

  • Q What is the cost of car subscription?

    Because every subscription is tailored to your needs, the costs to you will depend on the plan and car that you choose. Call our team on 02 9735 8400, or email to find out more.

  • Q Do I pay ongoing membership fees?

    No, you only pay your regular subscription payments while you are subscribed. There’s no membership or joining fees payable.

  • Q Which PGMG car subscription plan is right for me?

    Everyone is different, and therefore the most suitable plan will depend on how you intend to use the vehicle. With car subscription, you have several plans to choose from to suit your lifestyle.

  • Q How much is the refundable deposit for subscribing?

    The minimum security deposit amount on subscription is $500 which is fully-refundable at the conclusion of your subscription as long as the car is returned in good condition and your subscription is in good order.

    Depending on the result of the instant online assessment, your security deposit amount may be $500, $1,000 or $2,500. You can reduce your security deposit amount by paying a non-refundable weekly $25 Assessment Premium which is payable for the duration of your subscription.

  • Q How will my payment be processed?

    You will need a valid credit or debit card in your own name to place your refundable security deposit when making your Subscription booking. After placing your deposit, you can choose to pay using a credit or debit card, or through banking direct debit.

  • Q What is Loopit?

    PGMG Subscription is part of the Loopit provider network for car subscription, allowing you to subscribe to drive for an affordable recurring payment. PGMG will manage your ongoing subscription and payments using Loopit and you can expect to receive some emails and payment notifications from Loopit as well.

  • Q Is there a limit to how far I can drive?

    Yes, our written permission is needed to drive interstate with a PGMG subscription.

    Each plan has its own weekly kilometre limit with excess kilometres charged at a rate of $0.33 per kilometre as part of your subscription each billing cycle, depending on usage.

    The weekly kilometre allowance of your chosen plan can be used over the entirety of your chosen billing cycle – either weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly. For example, if you choose to make payments on a fortnightly billing cycle on the Savvy plan, you will receive 900km to use over the two week period, rather than 450km to use each week.

    The weekly usage is measured using GPS and may not reflect the vehicle’s odometer. Unused kilometres do not rollover between billing cycles. Kilometre usage cycles may not reflect your billing cycle. If pain persists, see your doctor. Oops sorry, not that last bit – unless of course you are in pain.

  • Q How is kilometre usage charged?

    Any additional kilometre usage is charged at each billing cycle during your subscription. We think a pay-as-you-drive approach is much fairer and more transparent than the bill shock that may come from receiving usage charges at the end of your subscription.

    It also allows you to understand your driving habits and provide you with an opportunity to move on to a different plan with a more appropriate kilometre allowance to suit your lifestyle.

  • Q How often are subscription payments due?

    When you subscribe, you have the choice between weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly billing cycles. All payments are made in advance through your chosen payment method.

  • Q Can I return my car before the minimum subscription term?

    An early termination fee applies if you choose to return your subscription vehicle before the minimum term has expired.

  • Q How do I return the car?

    You will be required to bring the car back to the collection point at the agreed time. A visual inspection of the vehicle will be conducted to ensure the vehicle is in the same condition as when it was collected.

  • Q How do I collect the vehicle?

    On the day your subscription begins, you can collect the vehicle from PGMG at our Lidcombe showroom. Only the main subscriber is permitted to collect the vehicle.

    You will be required to bring your driver’s licence to confirm your identity and a valid toll tag to install into the vehicle before you will be permitted to collect the car.

  • Q Can I add another driver on my subscription?

    Absolutely, as long as they meet the same eligibility criteria, you can add up to 5 additional nominated drivers to your subscription for $25 per week, per driver. Only nominated drivers are covered by your PGMG subscription insurance.

  • Q What happens when the car needs to be serviced?

    Routine servicing and maintenance is complimentary throughout your subscription at authorised service centres only. When your vehicle indicates a service is required, either displayed in the instrument panel or according to the service sticker on the windshield, you should contact PGMG on 02 9735 8400 or at

  • Q What about fuel?

    Fuel is one of the few costs that is not included in the price of your subscription.

  • Q What is the insurance excess?

    In the event of a claim, the standard insurance excess payable is $3,500. This is payable whenever a claim is made and is refundable where you are found to be not at fault and payment is recovered by the other party.

  • Q Can I reduce the insurance excess?

    Yes, you have the option to reduce your standard insurance excess to $1,000 with Liability Protection for $25 per week.

  • Q What if I damage the car?

    We understand that accidents can happen. The cost to repair any damage will be subtracted from the security deposit before being refunded. Where the cost of repair exceeds the value of the security deposit, you will be required to cover the cost of repair up to the damage excess amount.

  • Q What is the minimum subscription period?

    The minimum subscription period depends on the plan that you have chosen, starting from 60 days. You are welcome continue to subscribe for as long as you like. If you choose to swap or return your car before the minimum subscription period then an early swap or return fee may apply.

  • Q What is included in my car subscription plan?

    All PGMG Subscription plans include the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. You will need to cover any additional costs for fuel, tolls and kilometres travelled above the weekly limit of your plan.