22 March 2014

All New Toyota Kluger Drive Day with Phil Gilbert Toyota

When purchasing a car for most it's not just about the car. It's about the experience. This month we held a Drive Day for 25 of our Phil Gilbert Toyota VIP's to experience the All New Kluger from Sydney to Wollongong & back.

On Sunday 23rd March 2014, my husband and I were invited to a Drive Day to Wollongong so we could experience the new Toyota Kluger. We all met at Phil Gilbert Toyota and after morning tea, we were placed into groups and each group hopped into a Toyota Kluger and off we went for our drive.

The first Toyota Kluger for our group was a 2014 Toyota Kluger Grande, which I of course, didn't hesitate to be the first to drive. My experience in driving the Toyota Kluger was phenomenal, what an experience, not only was the drive smooth but noiseless, I felt like a cat that was creeping up on its pray, what an amazing SUV! 

We met at our first destination, and each group then got into another Toyota Kluger. Our next one was a 2012 Toyota Kluger Grande, this time my husband was driving, and when he was driving, he said that it took the curves really well, and was impressed by how easy it was to drive on such roads.

After we arrived at the second destination, all groups swapped again, and this time our group got into a 2014 Toyota Kluger GX. This time someone else was driving, and I felt like it was as smooth as the first two, with the main differences I picked up on between the Grande and the GX being the cameras and the blind spot on the side mirrors which were fantastic safety benefits. 

We arrived at our destination in North Wollongong, the Lagoon Restaurant, to have lunch which was provided by Phil Gilbert Toyota, and we had a few NRL players from the Wests Tigers joining us for our lovely relaxing lunch. We had the privilege to have one of the players sitting at our table; we had great conversations and enjoyed the atmosphere.

After lunch, we headed back, it was then my turn to drive again, I believe I was driving the same Toyota Kluger Grande only this time it was a 2012 model. We came to the driver rotation stop, then it was my husband's turn again, and he ended up driving a 2013 Toyota Prado. On the final drivers stop we rotated into another 2014 Toyota Kluger GX. We then got back to our final destination, which was back to where we first started at Phil Gilbert Toyota.

We had a chat with them to let them know how we felt about the New Toyota Kluger, and thanked them for our lovely drive to Wollongong and back and also our lovely lunch. Overall it was a great day, with lots of fun and great enjoyment. Thanks again for this opportunity!

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