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Toyota Prius Features

View the features for the Toyota Prius at Phil Gilbert Toyota below.

Iconic Styling

Iconic Styling


The highly distinctive silhouette of Prius incorporates highly advanced aerodynamic features front, rear, above and below. These include a lower bonnet line, optimised front and rear bumper shapes, an aerodynamic rear trailing edge and combination lamps as well as front spats and fuel tank side undercovers, that all work as one to give Prius a world class co-efficient of drag (cD) of just 0.24. This means the airflow around Prius is smoother and less disturbed to further enhance fuel efficiency.

Iconic Styling

LED headlamps

The Bi-LED Headlamps in Prius offer long life, low power consumption and excellent visibility. When combined with Auto Headlamp Levelling and Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs), the way ahead with Prius is efficient and bright.

Iconic Styling


15" alloy wheels with aerodynamic wheel covers are fitted as standard to Prius rising to sporty 17" alloy wheels with resin ornamentation on Prius i-Tech. Both designed to ensure they deliver better aerodynamic performance and lower fuel consumption.

Iconic Styling 2

Ecological trim

The Prius interior is purposely coordinated with fabrics and colours that provide an atmosphere of calm and accentuate the unique interior lines around you, rising to include tasteful Leather Accented seats in Prius i-Tech.® The instrument panel and door trim surfaces are finished to provide a smooth, warm feel while the space above is shaped for maximum headroom. The black-out finish on the centre and rear pillars creates a feeling of greater space, and the silver chrome ornamentation presents a luxurious finish.

Iconic Styling 2

Smart entry and start system

With Smart Entry and Start system, you can unlock the driver's side door and get going with the keys still in your bag or pocket. The car senses the key when you're close enough - so you just need to clasp the driver door to unlock it then tap the power button to start the car.

Iconic Styling 2

60:40 split retractable rear seats

Prius offers you the flexibility to carry all sorts of loads with ease. With 60:40 split retractable rear seats you can get the combo right for whatever cargo you're carrying. Load up with luggage of different shapes and sizes, and comfortably seat up to three passengers in the back as well.

Hybrid Performance

Hybrid Performance

Superior Hybrid Synergy DriveĀ® technology

Uncompromised. Efficient. Dynamic. Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) is the world's most advanced hybrid technology. Toyota has refined the 4th Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) to create a lighter, more efficient system. It features a more compact size and has achieved a weight reduction on both the motor and battery pack when compared to previous models. This allows the interior and luggage capacity space to be increased. When on the road, Prius uses the optimal control of a 1.8L petrol engine and a highly refined electric motor and switches seamlessly between the two or uses them simultaneously to deliver a more exhilarating driving performance for any condition.

Hybrid Performance

Shift by wire

In town or out, you'll find Shift by Wire technology reduces the effort to change gears and provides a more enjoyable drive. Shift by wire gears use an electronic signal to transmit the gear selection and will automatically put Prius into Park under certain conditions including when the drivers door is opened and the driver's seatbelt is unbuckled.

Three alternative driving modes

Prius allows you to set the driving mode to suit your driving mood, or on-road situation. Need power on the freeway? Switch to Power Mode. Driving slowly down quiet streets? Switch to EV Mode to use battery power only (and produce zero emissions[G1]). And for general city driving, switch Prius to Eco Mode for uncompromised efficiency.

EV Mode

At low speeds, the car can be switched to EV mode (Electric Vehicle). In this mode, the car runs on the electric motor alone – useful to reduce noise late at night in built up residential areas or to cut emissions when parking in a small garage or an underground car park.

Eco Mode

Switch to Eco Mode for the best fuel economy across all driving conditions where Prius uses its 1.8L petrol engine in synergy with its electric motor. Accelerator pedal response is controlled and the air conditioning is tuned to improve fuel economy.

Power Mode

Switch to Power Mode for seamless power comes from the 1.8L petrol engine, supported by the 53kW electric motor. In Power Mode the Driver's Mind D-range (DMD) control continuously monitors the driver’s acceleration pattern and lateral G-force to better adapt acceleration and deceleration to the driving pattern.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Blind Spot Monitor

When driving on a multi-lane road in Prius i-Tech, the Blind Spot Monitor[B4] can identify any vehicle travelling close by and in your blind spot, and will then provide a visual warning that's displayed in your side mirror.

Cutting Edge Technology

Automatic High Beam

When driving at night on dark roads, the Automatic High Beam[G3] can help avoid blinding the drivers of oncoming cars by detecting the vehicle approaching, then automatically switching the headlamps from high to low beam.

Cutting Edge Technology

Head Up Display (HUD)

Once only used in jet fighters, Head-up Display (HUD) is standard in Prius. Your speed, the hybrid system indicator, Active Cruise Control (ACC)[N16] proximity warning, and Lane Departure Alert (LDA)[B4] can be projected on the windscreen just below your line of sight, keeping you informed of essential driving data without your eyes ever having to leave the road. It also allows you to adjust the brightness and position of the projected HUD image.

Cutting Edge Technology

Multi Information Display

The Prius center metre delivers real time vehicle and trip data via colour TFT displays, including the Multi Information Display (MID). Together they deliver information about speed, fuel efficiency, driving mode, trip details plus climate and audio settings. As well as navigational directions on Prius i-Tech®.



All-Range Active Cruise Control

All-Range Active Cruise Control[N16] maintains a preset distance between you and the car in front by using built in sensors to continually monitor the speed of the car ahead then automatically adjust your speed accordingly. When there's no car in front, dynamic radar acts like normal cruise control, maintaining a regular preset speed.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When reversing out of a parking space in Prius i-Tech, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)[B4] helps make it safer by detecting the vehicles approaching from either side and then providing a warning via the Blind Spot Monitor[B4] in the corresponding side mirror.


Lane Departure Alert

When travelling on the open road, Lane Departure Alert (LDA)[B4] uses a camera to detect lane markings and provides a visual and audible warning if it detects you're deviating out of your lane, steering assist can then be engaged.


Seven SRS airbags

Inside every Prius you'll have the reassurance of knowing the driver and passengers are protected by seven airbags that surround and help cushion them in the event of an emergency. This includes driver and front passenger airbags, driver's knee airbag, front & rear curtain airbags and front driver & passenger side airbags.

Toyota Service Advantage Badge

Prius Toyota Service Advantage

When you buy a new Prius, you don't have to worry about your service costs. With the Toyota Service Advantage you'll pay the same low prices from one log book service to the next.

Every new Prius at Phil Gilbert Toyota is entitled to up to 6 standard scheduled services at $140* for the first 3 years or 60,000km whichever occurs first.

Toyota Service Advantage is available to eligible customers* for new current model vehicles sold.


[B4] Reversing Camera/Park Assist/Sonar Parking/Driver Fatigue Monitor/Blind Spot Monitor/Lane Departure Alert/Rear Cross Traffic Alert/Brake Assist are a driver assist device only and should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices. The area into which the vehicle is driven must be visually monitored by the driver.
[B8] Pre-Collision Safety System is a driver assist technology and should not be used in place of safe driving practices. Driver should continue to monitor road ahead.
[G1] Fuel consumption and emissions will vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle conditions and options/accessories. Source of fuel consumption data: ADR 81/02 combined cycle.
[G3] Automatic High Beam is a driver assist device only and should not be used as a substitute for safe driving.
[N16] Cruise Control is a driver assist technology and should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver should continue to monitor the road.
[T1] Maximum payable for standard scheduled logbook servicing (normal operating conditions) until first of three years or 60,000kms, whichever occurs first (up to the first six services). Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to toyota.com.au/advantage for other exclusions, eligibility and full details.
[W3] CO2 and Fuel Efficiency data taken from Green Vehicle Guide website (www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au). All values are accurate as of 6 February, 2012.

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