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Reserve your vehicle with a fully refundable holding deposit using a secure checkout with just a few clicks.

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Why Buy Online?

Why Buy Online?


Feel assured that your vehicle will be reserved while you decide, and receive a full refund on your holding deposit if you change your mind.

Why Buy Online?

Easy & Convenient

It only takes a few clicks to complete your online deposit, and you can do so anytime, anywhere.

Why Buy Online?


With a secure online checkout process, you can now avoid having to give out your credit card details over the phone.

  • Q What does the payment of the online deposit mean?

    The payment of the deposit means that You have purchased this vehicle at the “advertised price” plus government fees and charges and any additional accessories.  You now have 48 hours to enter into a written contract with Phil Gilbert Toyota (“Us/We”) to document the purchase of the vehicle and to provide Us with a copy of your Driver’s licence. You must act within 48 hours of payment of the deposit or We will rescind the contract.

    The “advertised” price is the price for which the vehicle was advertised when You paid the online deposit. The advertised price does not include any additional accessories that You choose to add. Nor does the advertised price include government fees and charges. These additional charges will be itemised in the Used Vehicle purchase contract and added to the advertised price to make the purchase price, the final price You agree to pay. 

    If You wish to purchase more than one vehicle, You will need to pay a deposit in respect of each vehicle You wish to purchase.  

  • Q What do I have to do within 48 hours of the payment of the online deposit to complete the purchase?

    You must enter into a Used Vehicle purchase contract with Us to purchase the vehicle at the purchase price, being the advertised price, plus any government fees and charges and the cost of any accessories You choose to add.  

    To enter into a Used Vehicle purchase contract within 48 hours of the payment of the online deposit You must take these steps; 

    • sign a Used Vehicle purchase contract provided by Us; and  
    • provide Us with a copy of your Driver’s licence.  
  • Q What if I choose not to proceed to complete the purchase of the vehicle?

    Should You fail to enter into a Used Vehicle purchase contract with Us within 48 hours of the payment of the online deposit, We will rescind the contract, and We will refund your online deposit to You.  

    In the case of You failing to enter into a Used Vehicle purchase contract with Us within 48 hours of the payment of the online deposit, your online deposit will be refunded to You.  The online deposit can only be refunded to You by a direct credit to an Australian bank account held in your name.   

    To enable your online deposit refund to be processed You will need to provide Us with BSB and account details of an Australian bank account in your name. The refund will usually occur within 5 business days of your account details being provided to Us. 

  • Q What terms and conditions apply to the Used Vehicle purchase contract?

    They are detailed in the Used Vehicle purchase contract and will be provided to You by Us.