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Phil Gilbert's Accident Assist Program

Accident Assist Program: Ph 1300 652 379

Phil Gilbert Accident Assist is a free and comprehensive motoring assistance program offered to all Phil Gilbert new and pre-owned vehicle customers.

Accident Form: Download Below

We understand that having an accident can be stressful. The best way to minimise the stress in the long term is to collect as much information as you can at the time of the accident. You should find a copy of the Phil Gilbert Accident Assist brochure in your glove box, and a copy of the Accident Form can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Steps to Take in the Event of an Accident

Steps to Take in the Event of an Accident

Step 1: Keep Calm & Assess the Situation

Activate your hazard lights, switch off the ignition & assess the situation (leaking petrol, fire etc).

Do you need the emergency services? Call 000 immediately if:

  • Anyone involved is in need of medical attention (ask for an ambulance)
  • The road is blocked or damaged (ask for the police)
  • Someone leaves the scene without exchanging details (ask for the police)

Step 2: Get Off the Road

If possible, move all vehicles off, or to the side of the road.

Step 3: Please Call Phil Gilbert Accident Assist

We are here to help 24/7 - 365 Days a Year. Phone 1300 652 379

Step 4: Exchange Details

Use the checklist that you will find in your glove box to retrieve all the information you will require. Alternatively, download a copy of the Accident form here.

Step 5: Wait for Phil Gilbert Accident Assist

To facilitate the recovery of your damaged vehicle to a safe and secure location.