Tyres From Phil Gilbert Toyota


Tyres play a vital role to your safety on the road. Key factors for tyres are:

It is essential that all four tyres on your vehicle have an exceptional deep tread. The purpose of the tyre tread is to disperse water in wet conditions so the rubber can make contact with the road surface. Also, to assist with better grip when turning or in emergency braking conditions. Minimum allowed tread depth is 1.5mm. This can be easily checked by inspecting your tyres for the raised bumps (called wear indicators) in the tread grooves. Once the tread reaches these bumps, the tyres have reached their service life.

It is recommended that tyre pressures are check regularly and are inflated to the vehicle manufacturers recommended pressures. This usually can be found on the tyre placard on the vehicle or in your owner’s manual. Correct tyre pressure insures the tyre tread has good contact with the road surface, assists with tyre wear, fuel economy and comfort.

It is important to check your tyres regularly for excessive or uneven tyre wear. Excessive or uneven tyre wear can indicate an issue with wheel alignment, wheel balance or incorrect tyre pressures. Detected early, you have the ability to extend the life of your tyres.

At Phil Gilbert Toyota we check your tyres at every service and make sure that your thread depth is above the legal limit. We offer highly competitive prices on high quality tyres to ensure that you are always given the best service possible with the highest standard of safety.

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